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Tomes of Doom

The ramblings of a mad Slash author

Mariana O'Connor
11 April
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  • mariana_oconnor@livejournal.com
Wow... it's been years and years and years and I still haven't written in here.

This is my main lj- I used to use it for everything, now it's mostly boring stuff about what happens to me. I try to make it interesting, sometimes... not all the time... but still.

I'm the (inept) mod of spn_crackfic, a community for Supernatural crack!fanfiction and art. I'll probably start a new challenge over the Summer hiatus, when it comes (Yay! Renewed for Season 5).

All my fanfic and art is now kept in my other journal though - which is definewisdom. It's currently dwelling almost entirely in the Merlin fandom, but there's quite a bit of Supernatural stuff (mostly gen) earlier, and I have branched out into Harry Potter, a little Heroes and even some original fiction. Wow.

Well, at least there's something written here now...
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